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The winners of the Iceland Cave Tower Competition have been selected. This was the fourth Buildner competition set in the extraordinary landscape of northern Iceland. Participants were tasked with designing an observation point and visitor center, as well as a more eco-sensitive system for tourists to access the nearby hot springs without causing any damage to the fragile natural surroundings.

First prize was awarded to Mareike Schlatow and Gaspar Cánepa from Denmark for their 'Rising from Grjótagjá' project, which saw the individual volumes connected by a system of paths spanning the tectonic divide. The jury felt that the spatial organization inside the buildings was convincing, and the reference to traditional farmhouses supported the concept of being one with nature – so much so that they believe it has the strength to be realized.

Aleksandra Bieszka, Maria Pielach, and Aleksandra Mucha from Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu in Poland took both second place and the Student prize. The 'Moving Surfaces' project was smart, simple and iconic, transferring the building in the mass of nature - with subtle pathways and iconic viewpoints.

Third prize winners Kamila Szatanowska and Paulina Rogalska, also from Poland, in their project 'Hófsemi' proposed three distinct blackened box-forms housing facilities, with the observation platform seemingly levitating over the fissure.

Awards were also given to participants Agata Vodnicka and Andrius Raguotis, who’s 'Dance of the Giants' project won the Competition Client’s Favourite award, and Vaia Vakouli and Orestis Gkouvas from the UK who won the Green Award for their SKERA Visitor Centre project.

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1st prize

2nd and Student prize

3rd prize