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The Iceland Thermal Springs Guest House competition was part of a series of design competitions based on sites around northern Iceland. Participants were tasked with creating an additional guest house for the traditional Vogafjós Farm Resort. The use of earthwork, wood, and water, were common themes in the submitted proposals, and the jury favoured those that showed the most respect for the site and explored the capacity to offer visitors a truly special, local experience.

First prize was awarded to Eric Conzales from the United States, whose Converse Guest House offered two primary structures. One structure services as the ‘private’ house with the second functioning as the ‘public’ house with common areas for guests to gather. The two square-plan buildings are a yin and yang, balancing one another across a common boardwalk leading to a heated pool and fireplace.

Second prize went to Nuttapol Techopitch of Looklen Architects Co., Ltd., Thailand. Their 'Sailing Seasons' project featured a series of guesthouses set on a raised foundation of rails to preserve the nature of the existing site. Marwan Hamama from France took third prize for the project 'Singleton', which is a linear trifecta of programs made of stone gabion external walls, steel framing, and wood interiors.

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