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Buildner is delighted to announce the winners of its Iceland Beer Spa international competition, where architects and designers showcased their creativity to propose a unique facility at the Sel Hotel in Iceland's Myvatn lake region.

1st Prize goes to the project "The Loop: Wheat Whispers Brew Haven" by Jingyi Xu and Junfu Cui (United States): This groundbreaking design seamlessly integrates a wheat-growing initiative into its courtyard house concept, offering guests an immersive experience. Featuring a communal bath on an open terrace, the project encourages guests to reconnect with nature while indulging in the therapeutic benefits of the beer spa. Inspired by volcanic features, the external architecture harmonizes with the surrounding landscape, providing guests with an unforgettable Icelandic experience.

2nd Prize winner is "Ethereal" by Ana Rita Rodrigues Gomes (Portugal): Ethereal captivates with its modern design approach and geometric simplicity. With a square floor plan and circular interior spaces, the project creates a tranquil and inviting ambiance. The ground floor serves as a welcoming bar with seamless connections to the outdoors, while the lower level offers an intimate glimpse into the brewery process. Ethereal seamlessly blends into the natural surroundings, offering guests a serene retreat amidst Iceland's breathtaking landscape.

3rd Prize winners are "Beerds Eye View" by Mariia Sviderskaia and Gleb Limonov (Georgia): This project highlights the stunning Icelandic scenery, providing panoramic views of the lake and craters from its cafe, bar, and lounge areas. A tower with a beer tub atop offers guests a unique perspective to admire the surroundings. At the heart of the design lies the local brewery, visible from various points, enriching the overall guest experience and fostering a deeper connection with nature.

These winning projects, along with the recipients of the Sustainability, Client Favorite and Student Awards, exemplify exceptional creativity, innovation, and environmental sensitivity. Visit our website to explore these inspiring designs and discover more about the competition!

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1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Sustainability Award 

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