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The Humble Architecture competition series looks for important, if not glamorous, architectural solutions. For the Everest Challenge, participants were asked to design toilet facilities on the world’s tallest mountain. A remote location with a harsh climate that still receives hundreds of visitors per year.

First prize was awarded to Aurelija Kniukštaitė, Kotryna Bajorinaitė and Jonė Virbickaitė from Lithuania’s Academy of Arts in Vilnius Academy. Their Peak project featured a round elegant design that blends with the panoramic views of the mountains. Incorporating a closed cycle for water use with a small footprint, thoughtful use of materials and structural understanding.

Second prize was awarded to John Clayson and Andrei Dinu from the UK whose Cairns proposal used a modular system made from aircrete - a lightweight and sustainable form of concrete. Third prize went to Jean Trottet and Stefano Teker from Belgium for their Crest proposal which takes inspiration from tents and other shelters made for extreme conditions, with a metal base structure wrapped in lightweight fabric.

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1st, BB Green and ARCHHIVE Student award

2nd prize

3rd prize