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The Hong Kong Pixel Home Competition called into question the challenge of multi-unit housing, tasking participants to consider the expanding pressures on cities to provide affordable housing when every square inch of space is at a premium. The jury for this architecture competition selected projects that explored the consequence of density, amenity, and public and private adjacency.

The winners selected considered novel approaches to domestic propriety, culture, and tradition. The first place winners, Lap Chi Kwong, Alison Von Glinow, and Kevin Lamyuktseung from the USA radically re-imagined the notion of vertical living. Rather than stack units floor to floor, each unit was layered and aggregated vertically, establishing a repetitive module, for adaptation to various sites in Hong Kong.

Second prize winners François Chantier and Maria Fernandez from France conceived a 100 square metre area of prefabricated housing units which create a vertical village when the modules are aggregated.

Third prize and student award winners Yukang Yang and Jingwen Cui, from Beijing University of Technology in China, reimagined the micro-unit dwelling as a mechanised zone occupying a cylindrical drum set into a rigid structural frame, making it stackable and deployable in multiple height configurations.

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