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In the wake of the recent tragic earthquake the struck Nepal, the importance of Buildner’ Himalayan Mountain Hut architecture competition is even more keenly felt. Rising from the basic human need for shelter in an unforgiving climate, the Himalayan Mountain Hut carries the potential to house mountaineering expeditions throughout the trails of Nepal.

These proposals are thusly viewed as a series of case studies that could potentially be adopted for the more wide-spread rebuild program of Nepal. The quality of submissions for the competition was high, and the judges were presented with a wide variety of solutions, ranging from simple tent communes to vast multi-level hospitality structures.

The jury felt our 1st prize winners from Italy successfully integrated the project’s unique program and constraints; combining these features into an affordable and elegant solution fitting to the site. It’s modular design was both adaptable and sociable for its inhabitants.

“In contrast to many other modular proposals, this project creates a continuous space inside that allows for group gathering, rather than using the modular concept to connect a series of separate chambers, each designed for one or two individuals, as with a hotel.” - Buildner Jury

Our second and third prize winning teams, both originally from Poland, had very different yet equally innovative concepts on how to create a mountain shelter for trekkers that is functional, affordable, aesthetically pleasing and sociable. While isolated in extreme climates, one's humanity becomes an important component in surviving nature's perils, and successful entries embraced the idea of gathering for weary trekkers.

1st prize

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