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The Gauja National Park Footbridge competition was a collaboration with the Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Gauja National Park. Competition participants were asked to design an iconic entranceway to the park in the form of a footbridge. With a wide array of concepts and designs submitted, the jury favoured those that offered experiential new ways of discovering the park.

First prize was awarded to Abraham Fung from Australia for his “Flow: Between City and River” project which created a fluid organic form from a pure rectangle with a rational structure. The steel and timber structure is wrapped within a shell of woven timber mesh, offering an expanded space for viewing surroundings as visitors cross.

Paul Kaloustian from Lebanon took second prize, creating a network of walking spaces to offer a space for discovery. While Michel Boucquillon and Donia Maaoui from Italy claimed third prize for their monumental Bark Bridge project that incorporates a laser cut shell which ranges from polished stainless steel to satin brown painted steel to achieve a colorful effect.

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1st prize

GNPF 1st prize winners

2nd prize

GNPF 2nd prize winners

3rd prize

GNPF 3rd prize winners