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Buildner is excited to announce the results of the Caramel Shore Traveller Rooms Competition, the latest in its Small-Scale Architecture competition series. For this event, Buildner asked participants to design a prototype sleeping cabin to be located in the Latvian town of Skrunda, on the golden-sand shores of the Venta River.

Client’s Favorite and first prize was awarded to Grzegorz Mączka and Marta Mączka from Poland. Their Diagonal project proposed a cabin with a reduced footprint in the form of a top-heavy structure, angled in shape with a narrow base to ‘raise’ the main living area off the ground. “A modern and smart design with an innovative and compact space that gives an amazing experience to visitors.”

Second prize was awarded to Clara Copiglia from the USA, who conceived a collection of cabins with thatched roofs, built and designed using local vernacular practices, for her ‘It Takes a Village’ project.  Third prize went to Alfonso Di Sabato from Switzerland who created A Series of Rooms’ that strings a network of sleeping spaces along a linear volume, connected under the same roof as a single building.

Visit to see high-res images and full jury comments on all our winners, including the ARCHHIVE BOOKS Student Award winners Fabian Gottfried, Yihao Ni from RWTH Aachen University, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen in Germany, and the AAPPAREL Sustainability Award winners Lucas Yael Ibarra Lages, Facundo Hernandez and Juliana Lareu, also from Germany. 

1st and Clients Favourite Award

2nd prize

3rd prize