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The Cambodia Remote Hideout Huts competition is part of Buildner’ small-scale competition series, run in partnership with ARCHHIVE BOOKS’ What is Small Scale Architecture? publication, and in collaboration with The Vine Retreat – a rural health and wellness retreat located on the south coast of Cambodia. Participants were asked to design a prototype ‘hideout hut’ to be adapted to multiple locations throughout The Vine Retreat’s lush, mountainside site, and winning submissions will be considered for construction.

First prize went to Douglas Min Yi Lee, Yee Foo Lai and Xiao Kang Feng from the USA. Their ‘Outside In’ project draws on the traditional Cambodian Khmer housing type, with a simple square plan that forms into a circle at its apex. The windowless facade and opening to the sky could be thought of as a built metaphor for 2020, allowing guests to not focus on what’s happening around them, but to look up to the sky and the future.

Bachir Benkirane and Megi Davitidze from Morocco won second prize for their  ‘Of Mind and Space’ project consisting of a top-lit, thatched conical roof, set on a central structure so that it seemingly levitates above the ground. Third prize winners Josephine Simon and Anne Whitsel from Washington University in St. Louis in the USA also took home the Student Award for their ‘Rattan House’ project. This involved a hive-shaped hut, composed of stacked rings of bamboo strips tied to existing trees on site, conforming perfectly with the site’s natural surroundings.

Awards were also given to participants Kevin Sanchez, Andrea Marquez, Jesus Curiel, Mairim Aguilar from Venezuela, who’s ‘Tbanh Huts’ project won the Competition Client’s Favourite award, and Lea Stagno and Toru Okada from the USA who won the Green Award for their project ‘The Outlook’.

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