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The Romantic Cabin for Two Competition was run in partnership with The Earth Energies Sanctuary, a 200-acre farm located in northern New Zealand. The competition focused on small-scale architecture with sustainability at the forefront, and tasked participants with designing a small, open plan cabin on the Earth Energies property for couples to use as a relaxing, romantic getaway.

First prize was awarded to Maria Lucia Arce, Lucas Cardona and Gonzalo Camargo from Uruguay for their ‘Intimo’ project. The timber structure featured an open concept plan of 6x6m surrounded by a 3m perimeter space. It was topped by a green roof and large floor-to-ceiling glass panels, allowing both expansive views and pockets of privacy.

Second prize went to Marcel Dawid, Anita Wiśniewska and Brian Dam from Poland. Their ‘Cocoon’ project was a minimal proposal that included interesting subtleties, designed  to establish a cohesive and intimate space that also included openness, sunlight and warmth. Third prize winners, Grzegorz Mączka and Marta Mączka also from Poland designed a box-form with a raised bedroom above a wading pool on four triangular wings which open to the surrounding landscape.

You can see full jury comments as well as additional winners for our Student award, Green award and Client’s Favourite award from participants from the UK, Germany and Italy at

1st prize 

2nd prize

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