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The winners of Buildner’ latest architecture competition, Bangkok Fashion Hub, have been selected and our top 3 entries come from Russia, Malaysia and France. When tasked with creating ideas for a Fashion Hub to be based in Bangkok that was part community centre, part library, part exhibition theatre and part public space, participants were certainly challenged and our winners stood out for their unique designs and strong concepts.

In the end it was the strength and clarity of the winning concept, along with its originality and viability as a cultural fashion hub, that most impressed the judges. The winning design has the ability to invite the community inside their conceptual building by encouraging passers by to visit and explore due to the building’s semi-transparency. And while the concept of a Fashion Hub could be considered vague and somewhat subjective, it really allowed these winning teams to stretch their creative muscles.

The winning design incorporated the use of translucent polymer tubes in order to create a look of semi-transparency. It was innovative, poetic and relates well to the diverse programs taking place inside.

“This entry is striking as a floating ethereal presence on the site. It is clean and compact while also poetic and provocative.” - Buildner Jury

With a concept as broad as this participants were free to really explore new ideas and push the limits of their creativity. As such the three winning designs are incredibly different from their use of space, their concept and their desired impact.