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Winners of the Baltic Way Memorial architecture competition have been announced. The Baltic Way Memorial architecture competition looked to create an architectural reminder of the impact of the Baltic way movement in 1989, and the influence nonviolent protest can have. The Baltic way movement united some two million people in an effort to gain their freedom, as such the winning entries were selected for their ability to capture both the seriousness of the topic, while also illustrating a lightness and hope for the future.

The jury evaluated each entry on a number of criteria, taking into account: the strength and clarity of their concept; originality and quality of their presentation; and the appropriateness of scale and context in their designs. However, the most important factor - and the reason our winners were chosen - was the strength of the designs ability to act as a public space in Riga that memorializes the Baltic Way and other successful peaceful protests.

The 1st place winning submission, created by a team from the US, stood out as a potential icon in memory of the movement. Second place went to a team from the Netherlands, whose project was a unique and meditative environment that encourages personal reflection. Third place winners from Switzerland succinctly portrayed the power of the Baltic Way protest by creating a linear path across the site to represent the full path of the 675 kilometer-long human chain.

1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

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