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The Amber Road Trekking Cabin competition sought out ideas for a rest cabin along the Latvian Baltic coast that would make the iconic trekking trail more accessible to visitors. Successful projects took into consideration an array of requirements and made their designs economically viable, securable, functional, and both suitable and sensible for its environment.

The winning project, LINK by Scott Grbavac, Andreea Cutieru, and Santiago Carlos Peña Fiorda from Denmark, was chosen for its strength as both an architectural and landscape proposal. By creating a network of narrow passages leading to the trekking cabins within the forest, LINK pursues an alternative mode of conservatism - creating low impact architectural interventions within the native ecologies of the site to preserve the natural landscape.

The second place winners were Lukasz Palczynski, Jan Szeliga, and Antoni Prokop from the Faculty of Architecture Warsaw University of Technology in Poland, whose designs included the organization of notched and stacked raw timber walls pinwheel to alternately generate nooks for sleeping and desks for contemplating the landscape.Third place went to Robert Brown, Carly Martin, and Jincheng Jiang from Australia for their structure that opened on all sides on its lower level, further erasing the permanence of its base.

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