We would like to inform you about the changes made to our website. We have recently re-branded our site and have moved to a new page beebreeders.com

We have worked hard to make sure the new website is more user-friendly and we hope that you like it. The changes also mean higher transaction security and that you are now able to present more information on the results page, and as such would benefit our participants from greater publicity.

For current competition participants - the competition dates remain the same, as well as your access information (UIC and EMAIL) to the upload panel. The link to the upload panel can be found here - https://beebreeders.com/login

You might experience some small technical bugs in the next couple of days as we are still finalising the website upgrade. We apologise for the trouble and look forward to welcoming you to beebreeders.com

Thank you!
Buildner (former HMMD) Team

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